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Just about every good thing in life can be traced back to hockey.

Get on the ice with us.

  • International Tournaments

    We travel. We play hockey.

    What more can we say?

    Join us on our

    global adventures.

  • T.W.O.W. Tournaments

    If you play hockey, like fun, and don't object to the odd  costume event then check out T.W.O.W.'s local tourneys.

  • T.W.O.W. Outdoor Tournament

    One of a kind. Legendary.

“It was spectacular to experience the culture in Iceland and play hockey with the different teams. I came home wanting to be a better person. In each person I met, I saw strength which made them unique and i appreciate each new personality I encountered”


About The Women of Winter

The Women of Winter promotes women’s hockey and advocates for equal ice time for women of all ages and skill levels. We even let the guys play. Our community offers skills sessions, participates in international tournaments, and has organized the infamous T.W.O.W. Outdoor Shinny Tournament since 2006. It is our mission to connect players all over the world and create unique playing opportunities for everyone.

“Thanks so much Deirdre for the best ever women’s shinny tourney in the whole world!”

- Pam

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