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T.W.O.W. Outdoor Tournament

February 1st 2025

Our annual T.W.O.W. Outdoor Tournament is maybe our favourite event! shh... don't tell the others

Our legendary outdoor tourney is taking place at

Dufferin-Grove AIR (artificial ice rink).

Come cheer us on!

The Women of Winter Outdoor Shinny Tournament was created to provide shinny players

with a chance to play pond hockey in the heart of the city, in an environment that

both supports and encourages players of all ages and skill levels.

In the T.W.O.W. tourney, players are expected to play a feisty, fair, and inclusive game.

We play rain, snow or shine because that's shinny!

The climate crisis is affecting the future of outdoor shinny. T.W.O.W is taking action. 

A portion of tourney proceeds will support climate organisations. 

We are proud to partner with Save Pond Hockey

Photo Credit: Heather Pollock & Roger Hallett

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